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Digital Communication & Web

Our added value


Anaximandre develops interactive animations in HTML 5 - CSS 3 compatible with web publication (websites and social networks) or videos in FLV or MP4 or MOV format for publication in presentation or on the web .

  • Definition of needs and expectations
  • Animation or video storyline
  • Recruitment of cameramen for filming
  • Production of animation or video graphics on drawing software (Adobe Illustrator) or image reworking (Adobe Photoshop)
  • Animation of graphics and production of renders using Blender
  • Selection of soundscapes – Recruitment of actors for voice-overs
  • Editing and synchronisation in Adobe AfterEffects
  • Post-production (export in desired format)
  • Quality control



  • Anaximandre designs and produces multimedia applications with elaborate, interactive and attractive content.
    • 2D Animations
    • 3D Animations or video 3D with or without sound
  • Examples: 
      • Greeting cards,
      • Company or business presentations,
      • Product or service launch
      • Multimedia show
      • Interviews and illustration of a technology or a service
      • Animations and videos online
  • We also produce specific developments for all mobile applications (iPhone, Android, etc.)
  • We manage CANVAS, VIDEO tags, CSS3 stylesheets and the SVG format (vector)