Our services

Creation of websites

Web sites

For who ?

Anaximandre creates and develops your website whether you are :

  • a company
  • a community
  • an association
  • a retailer or a craftsman
  • an individual

All our websites are built using content management tools called CMS (such as WordPress or Prestashop)which means that they are simple and updatable by yourself.

What type of website ?

Showcase website :

- Presentation of an activity
- Presentation of an association or a community

Interactive or dynamic website :

- E-commerce
- Online store
- Online service (community)
- Catalog
- Online project management
- Online quote calculation
- Documentary database
- Extranet
- ...

Which technology ?

You want a dynamic, updatable and personalized website, and you want to manage the content update yourself ?

Institutional and showcase websites

Anaximandre uses an intuitive and scalable content management software: WordPress (40% of websites in the world – Source: W3Techs 2021)


E-commerce and Click & Collect

Anaximandre has developed a simple and fast solution for merchants and craftsmen : Eskemm Payment. Put your products and services online in 3 clicks.

Eskemm Payment

Medium-sized e-commerce sites
(<500 items)

For e-commerce sites up to 500 – 1000 items, Anaximandre offers a WooCommerce solution on a WordPress base.


Important e-commerce websites
(>500 items)

For e-commerce sites with more than 1000 items, Anaximandre offers a Prestashop solution.



Anaximandre has been developing websites for over 20 years using the latest technologies.
Anaximandre provides complete management of your website project.

Added value

The activities of companies and communities require the implementation of dedicated solutions. Thanks to its dual skills in communication and IT, Anaximandre can help you set up your IT solutions.

  • Consulting in dedicated IT solutions
  • Implementation and deployment of IT solutions
  • Interconnection with existing IS
  • Content management of internet or extranet sites
  • Conference management
  • E-commerce
  • Document management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Assignment of employees to production lines
  • Personnel management for all activities
  • Directory management