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Social media

Social media and community management

To better represent and promote your brand or your business on social media, Anaximandre can examine and carry out :

  • An audit of your online presence
  • Positioning (targets)
  • Determination of your editorial line
  • Choice of the most relevant social media
  • Setting up of social media linked to your website
  • Getting communities united around your brand or your business


Anaximandre master your entire presence on the Web by defining your businesses editorial line and using various social networks

Added value

  • Management and coordination of various social media
  • Setup of social media (blog, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, Youtube, etc.)
  • Publication strategy
  • Publication scheduling (posts) and resource planning
  • Audience monitoring
  • Referencing associated with Google Analytics or with other analytics tools (ex : PageSpeed Insight, Dareboost, AHREFS…)