DATADOCK : the referencing of training organizations

Since the law of March 5, 2014, the responsibility for the quality of training offers is in the hands of the funders. To facilitate this verification and referencing process, the DATADOCK platform was created. We explain in detail what it is and why it is essential!


The purpose of the March 5, 2014 law is to provide a framework for training offers by improving their legibility, while adapting to the needs of the public. January 2017 marked a turning point in these offerings, as in order to be funded, training organizations had to be DATADOCK referenced by the training funder. It is therefore a guarantee of credibility for companies and beneficiaries.

The law defines 6 criteriato ensure the compliance of the training:

  • Objectives of the training
  • The adaptation of public reception facilities
  • The adequacy of pedagogical means to the training offer
  • Professional qualification of trainers
  • The taking into account of the beneficiaries’ appreciations

As a training organization, the DATADOCK platformis a tool that allows you to apply for referencing and submit supporting documents proving your compliance with the law. The funders study your file and accept or not to refer you. The importance of this DATADOCK referencing lies in the financing of your training.

Anaximandre, DATADOCK-certified training organization

Good news: since July 2017, our training organization is DATADOCK referenced. If you followed correctly, this means that our trainings are compliant with the law of March 5, 2014 and in line with its criteria. You can therefore confidently take advantage of our professional multimedia training courses! They are accessible to web professionals and job seekers. The areas covered are communication, web development, DTP, social networks, etc.

To learn more, please visit our training centeror contact us directly!

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