Anaximandre FORMATION is Qualiopi certified, but what does this mean?

Qualiopi, the Certification of Training Organizations, aims to attest the quality of the process implemented by the training centers. In addition, it makes the training offer easier to understand for companies and users.

It is compulsory to carry out training actions that can be financed by the OPCO*or other financing organizations.

How to obtain this certification?

The Qualiopi mark is obtained in four steps:

  1. Formulate a request for certification with a certifying body that will decide on the content and methods of evaluation. It is necessary to study and verify that the organization respects the RNQ**composed of 7 criteria
  2. Sign a contract with a certification body
  3. Undergo an initial audit, a surveillance audit and a renewal audit.
  4. Propose an action plan in case of non-compliance

This certification is valid for 3 years after the initial audit. A mid-term surveillance audit is scheduled between 14 and 22 months after the initial audit.

Anaximandre Formation was therefore certified after an audit by a COFRAC***approved certification body (PRONÉO)

All training organizations and other skill development providers are required to obtain this new certification by January 1, 2022, if they want to receive public or mutualized funds.

* OPCO: skills operators whose mission is to finance apprenticeship, help branches to build professional certifications and assist SMEs to define their training needs.

** RNQ: National quality standard that provides details on audit procedures.

*** COFRAC: French Committee for Accreditation is an association in charge of issuing accreditations to organizations involved in conformity assessment in France.

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