Writing business greetings to wish a happy new year is a tradition every year. It is about expressing positive feelings, conveying a brand image and your values to your customers, partners and collaborators for the new year.

The holiday season is usually a very busy time for businesses and professionals To approach the coming year in the best possible way with your teams, your privileged partners and your customers, think of creating a personalized greeting card to show them your attention or your recognition. A real communication tool, the professional greeting card is an essential communication tool for companies.

Why write your season greetings ?

To emphasize a privileged relationship, to strengthen ties with contacts, to thank teams and even simply to remember someone… The greeting ritual has many functions.

to whom to write them?

You don’t send your wishes to people you don’t know. At the very least, you have to be in direct contact with them. Collaborators, customers, partners, service providers, suppliers… In other words, it is advisable to send greetings to all the people with whom you regularly exchange and who help you in your work.

More generally, writing greetings is an opportunity to reach out to people with whom you are not in daily contact, but with whom you wish to maintain a connection. It is also the time to consolidate your network in an assumed and professionally accepted way.


Two media options are available: the electronic greeting card or the paper greeting card.

The electronic greeting card: You enhance your image, and take advantage of an economical, modern, mature and ecological technology.

The traditional paper greeting card: This is a great way to remind your customers of your company’s identity. It is still nice to read kind letters.

when to send them?

If the Anglo-Saxons send their wishes during December before Christmas, the French habits want that the wishes are sent during January, and preferably during the first two weeks of the month.

As a communication professional, we know that each profession has its own well-defined codes.

We can create just for you dedicated or personalized greeting cards for each profession or sector of activity, whether you are a company, an association, a merchant, a craftsman, a works council or any other type of organization.

If you want us to create your universe for a unique greeting card and your image: Do not hesitate to contact us!

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