Notez que le chiffre d’affaires par le retrait de commande ne rentrera pas en compte dans le calcul du montant du fonds de solidarité auquel les commerces fermés sont éligibles.

With bookstores closed, clothing stores’ curtains drawn and restaurants in darkness, it will soon be the two words “CLOSED” that we will see on many windows in our city…
Think about online sales and Click & Collect! It’s simple and effective!

For you, retailers, how does Click & Collect work?
You put online a few products or services in a few clicks on your mini-shop and you encourageyour customers to order.
Your customers choose a pick-up time, pay online and pick up their order on site. Nothing more complicated!

Opt for this solution, it is to perpetuate your activity but it is also the occasion to develop your visibility on Interne Make your business known with a showcase accessible to everyone, anytime, anywhere!

Traders, craftsmen and self-employed people, Anaximandre helps you make the digital transition and implements this system thanks to Eskemm Payment. Take advantage of it now!

Please note that the turnover from the withdrawal of orders will not be included in the calculation of the amount of the solidarity fund for which the closed businesses are eligible.

For more information, contact us!

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